The Halloween Costume

A very spooky roll made by two crazy creators.

01. Challenge

Can a sushi roll dress up for Halloween?

Daruma is a sushi restaurant chain with a solid customer bond. The brand usually gifts discounts, prizes, and exclusive rolls to its best clients and often adds limited editions to its menus for relevant events; Halloween is one of them. Instead of focusing only on the limited edition recipe to add to this year's menu, we asked ourselves the bloody question: can a sushi roll dress up for Halloween?

02. Story

The bloody roll.

The answer is yes; even sushi can dress up on Halloween, especially if 2Men1Kitchen are involved. Nicolò and Alessandro are a couple of creators who use food, irony, and brilliant ideas to transform recipes into entirely different things. In our case, their limited edition Halloween roll for Daruma became an eye.


Truffle and Otoro are the main ingredients of the eye-catching recipe. The boys chose Otoro because it's the fattiest part of the tuna and it practically melts in your mouth. A cherry sauce completes the dish and gives it that bloodish and delicious touch.


Daruma's and 2men1kitchen's fans enjoyed the activity and loved the Bloody Roll. 

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