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Qualsiasi sia il tuo stile,
noi ti capiamo.

For the brand's first time on TV we chose a little girl as the face of all the women, and their wonderful diversity, DiLei speaks to. 

01. Challenge

Italy's most-read women magazine.

DiLei is a web site dedicated to women: it speaks their language, shares their way of feeling and responds to their interests, which is why it is the most widely read women's magazine in Italy. But many women still don't know it.

02. Story

Tell, without defining.

All magazines define themselves and their tone of voice through their content and also their communication: the posh one, the sporty one, the one in the kitchen, the one on the road, the one in love. Often this ends up also defining their target, closing the doors to many readers that are in between different areas of interest. We looked for a synthesis, trying to tell the world that women live every day, made up of all different passions, be it fashion, food, health or travel. A code that would tell the spirit of DiLei to women, its being beyond clusters and models, and we found it in the smile and stylish lightness of the little girl who starred in the commercial.

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