Gruppo Hera


It's amazing what we can do together.

01. Challenge

The beauty of the ecological transition is experiencing it.

In a market where energy, telco, and fintech are increasingly integrated, imagining a simple and distinctive positioning for the first Italian multi-utility organization can be complex; especially when the primary goals are to support the Group's industrial plan, challenge new and old competitors throughout the national territory, whilst preserving faith in the values that have distinguished Hera over the past 20 years.

To achieve these goals, we put a spotlight on territories, cities and, above all, people. We revealed a world where the ecological transition is everyday life, made up of a circular economy, decarbonization, energy efficiency, and water protection.

02. Story

Together it's incredible.

This amazing world is made possible by a joint effort: the choices people make and the services Hera provides. Through a domino effect of transitions in the edit, that are as spectacular as they are simple and real, we explore the beauty of living this ecological transition in the city and at home. We do this by following the life of a special family and Hera employees at the heart of it all.


The members of the family become the main characters of the campaign: we shoot each one in their daily routine and create different promo subjects that will roll out throughout the year.


Hera NoProblem 30" [coming soon]


Hera NoProblem 15" [coming soon]


Hera Caldaia 15" [coming soon]


Hera Clima 15" [coming soon]


Hera Ricarica 15" [coming soon]

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