Gruppo Hera

La ricetta della sostenibilità

An unusual influencer and her granddaughter share more than just a recipe with their followers.

01. Challenge

When it comes to HERA Group,
it's not just about selling something.

Sustainability is one of the most important topics on the planet. For twenty years, in Italy, the HERA Group has been one of the main brands to tell its values, using institutional and commercial messages as an opportunity to underline their importance.

02. Story

TV promotions are often the most boring thing on TV. Are they?

Yes, they are. That's why we shot this commercial as an episode of a TV series: we looked for two credible protagonists to empathize with the target (+50), we overturned the classic cliché in which grandchildren have to explain things to grandparents and used some nice punch lines. Through irony we were able to transfer all the key elements of the promotion, making the dialogues as natural as possible.


Among the main features of the offer, in addition to the discount on the boiler, we had to emphasize the presence of the smart thermostat. We took advantage of the theme of technology to insert a smartphone alongside these two elements, which allowed us to frame our grandmother from an unusual and engaging point of view, leaving us the space to insert text and not weigh down the dialogues.

Color is one of the most important elements that differentiated this production, not only the palette of the whole film but also those of the text that gave continuity to other media, creating synergy and memorable between the message, the commercial and the protagonists.


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