A special invitation to experience Italy after a historic moment in which nobody could travel.

01. Challenge

From Italy to Italy, with love.

After a long time where traveling was not allowed, we wanted our fans abroad to taste back those typical Italian vibes. The goal was to create content that could be used on the channels of the different countries of the brand. We partnered again with Nameless, one of the most important musical events in Italy that every year hosts several hundred tourists from all over Europe to make it happen.

02. Story

A very special surprise.

You hear a knock on your door, go open it and find one of your favorite artists. This is what happened to four fans of Nameless and Molinari. A comparison between fans and artists, a comparison between different cultures to highlight what Italy and the Italian spirit represent abroad.

Amsterdam ft. Dj Ralf ↴

Munich ft. Benny Benassi ↴

Bruxelles ft. Merk&Kremont ↴

Stockholm ft. EDMMARRO ↴

After getting the surprise in their country, all the fans met in Italy for a two-day Italian experience: music, food and of course drinks on the Como lake together with their favorite DJs. All the content produced during those days has been used to achieve different KPIs for the brands posting plans on social networks.

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