75th Anniversary Limited Edition by Olimpia Zagnoli

A unique pattern celebrates the brand's values.


01. Challenge

Happy anniversary Molinari.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the brand, we used the bottle as a canvas on which we reinterpret the values ​​that have always distinguished Molinari, and with the help of a special artist, we transformed them into a positive, strong and pop message.

"I have drawn many people who hold each other arm in arm, each with their own color and their own story. Different but united. What I hope to see around me, in my city, in my country and in the world."


02. Story

Two Italian icons.

Olimpia Zagnoli, aka OZ, is an Italian illustrator who managed to make her style unmistakable. A strong and distinctive trait has led her to have international success. It is not just the colorful, ironic and minimalist illustrations, OZ has a unique character, which only true icons can share. And precisely because she is an Italian excellence recognized all over the world, we asked her to reinterpret the Limited Edition dedicated to the brand's 75th anniversary.

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