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Wild vs Urban

Choose your ice cream adventure.

01. Challenge

Taking you to a place a little wilder than the everyday.

Every Nuii uses the smoothest dairy ice cream, bursting with exciting textures and flavor, with carefully picked ingredients from around the world to evoke adventure and discovery: salted caramel & Australian macadamia, almond & Java vanilla, white chocolate & Texas pecan are just some of the best flavors of the range. For the first time in its history, in 2022, the brand introduced a unique flavor that wasn't from a wildland but from New York. The most urban city in the world. Our main goal was to launch the new flavors (Anatolian Pistacchio and New York Cookies & Cream), keep a focus on their seasonal best sellers, and write new storytelling for the brand.


02. Story

Anatolia vs New York.
Pistacchio vs Cookies.
Wild vs Urban.

As the new flavors had a unique and different origin, we worked on what those special features could mean for the brand and the users who could choose between these two types of adventure.

With a special box, we showcased the new flavors and asked Belén Rodriguez, Claudio Marchisio, Luca Vezil, Veronica Ruggeri, Awed, Sonia Lorenzini, Damiano Carrara, Amedeo Preziosi, Beatrice Valli, Lorenzo Biagiarelli and more than 25 other influencers to choose their adventure and ask their followers to do the same. With over 41 million impressions, the campaign was a wrap. 


The influencer activity was also supported by a campaign that aired on the brand's social media, with two different subjects: one focusing on the best sellers of the range highlighting their main ingredients, and one focusing on the main concept "wild vs urban".  

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